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Вакансия: Senior JavaScript (D3.js) Developer, Bioinformatics Platform

Харьков, 08:46, вторник, 18.07.2017

Опыт работы: 3 года
Образование: высшее
График работы: полный день

Project Description

Our client is an American company that works on discovering new drugs in the fields of oncology, neurology, and endocrinology. During the research, infected biomaterials are exposed to chemical or physical effects and placed in a mass spectrometer. DataArt’s specialists have developed, maintain and update a service that analyzes data received from a mass spectrometer. The application builds dependencies between the state of biomaterials and elements of drugs and determines how effective these or other drugs are for treating a particular disease.
The next stage of development is to create an information web panel on which graphs of calculations will be displayed.
For this project, we’re looking for a JavaScript engineer who will develop new kinds of graphs and their elements for displaying large amounts of data with a minimal delay. The engineer will be working in a distributed team of 7 people.

Requirements (Mandatory):
• 3+ years of web development experience.
• Solid knowledge of JavaScript (ES5, ES6).
• Solid knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, SVG, HTTP.
• Experience of data visualization.
• Solid knowledge of and practical experience working with D3.js.
• Experience working with the following frameworks and libraries: Angular.js, Backbone.js, jQuery, Lo-Dash.
• Knowledge of build automation and bundling tools: Grunt, Gulp or Webpack.
• Experience working with npm.
• Good spoken English.

Requirements (Additional):
• Understanding of AJAX, WebSockets.
• Understanding of Flux architecture, knowledge of Vanilla Flux, Reflux or Redux.
• Experience implementing unit tests in JavaScript using Karma, Jasmine, Jest, Mocha etc.
• Experience with such CSS frameworks as Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation etc.
• Experience with SASS, LESS or PostCSS.
• Experience with CSS React Way: CSS Modules, Radium.

DataArt Offers:
• Competitive salary.
• Project bonuses.
• Paid overtime.
• Medical insurance.
• Internal Training Program.
• Internal English Courses
• Business trips.
• Corporate events and meetings.
• Fruit breakfasts and dinners.
• Unlimited tea and coffee.

Компания: DataArt
Контактное лицо: Тамара Змиевская
Телефон: 057 727 08 27
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Web: www.dataart.ru
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