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Вакансия: Intermediate JavaScript Developer (for Angular education)

Харьков, 10:01, понедельник, 19.03.2018

Опыт работы: 2 года
Образование: высшее

Project description:
Dev-Pro.net company is going to run a Angular training course for Intermediate Developers, who already have Javascript experience, in order to provide best students with opportunity to join a rapidly growing project.

Working for a Point of Sale (POS) platform building company, we are looking to complement our team to work on project aimed for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and retail domains.

Our client is a product company and a major player in the POS domain, which has already released several POS-platforms, Back of House management systems, data management system and a set of web applications (designed to create corporative websites), widely used in the USA by quick service restaurants.

Our flagship product - the POS - is designed to work in """"offline-first"""" mode (in case of network interruptions) to create orders and synchronize with the Cloud data storage and/or other systems, supports 3d party software and can be integrated with an extendive list of hardware devices.

Application suite includes:
1) Cross Platform (Cordova/Electron) POS app.
2) Back of House Solutions (NodeJS/Angular) (reporting, payroll calculations, schedules)
3) Mobile Ordering (NodeJS/AWS Lambdas)
4) Configuration (NodeJS/Angular/AWS Lambdas).

Role description:
We are looking for the Intermediate level developers with extensive experience in JavaScript (core JavaScript or with js-frameworks) who are willing to learn popular JavaScript fremework Angular.

We prepared an intensive course, that is aimed to train your Angular skills and that is already planned and prepared by our internal mentor. The time for education will be billable for participants according to their usual rate.

In case of successful training course completion you will have an opportunity to join the project team and continue develop your Angular and core skills straight along with daily work with a support of in-house JS community.

During educational course (first 1 month) all you working time will consist of several activities:

- attending offline lessons with internal mentor;
- individual work on home tasks;
- participation in internal project to work out acquired skills.

By results of this course you might be assigned to the project and get engaged in development.
Required skills:
- 2+ years in JavaScript development;
- Good knowledge of core JavaScript;
- Good knowledge of OOP/OOD;
- English on at least Intermediate level;

Desired skills:
- experience with JavaScript frameworks.

Компания: Dev-Pro.net
Контактное лицо: Kseniya
Телефон: (057) 766 4305
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Web: dev-pro.net.ua
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