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Вакансия: Full Stack Web Developer

Азовское, 11:40, вторник, 06.02.2018
Вакансия не актуальна
Опыт работы: 5+ лет
Образование: высшее
Возраст: от 28 до 60 лет
График работы: полный день

Project Description

Our product is an enterprise-level and 100% cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product that is based on several different individual system compents that are closely integrated with each other. These system components have all been heavily customized to fit our specific product needs and to meet the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Furthermore, we have developed our own API as well as as other custom extensions to support different functions and features. It will eventually allow our users to create and manage extensive product and project documentation as well as maps, matrices and graphical models (such as, but not limited to, flowchart diagrams, business process models, strategy canvasses, etc.) for the work they do within their own organization.
We are now looking to engage a new senior-level full stack web developer who will be hired on a fulltime contract and work and act as an employee within our organization for this project as well as future projects.



We are looking for an experienced senior level web developer with qualifications in server administration and management. You will be responsible for continuous development and management of our cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product, and is expected to work closely with our internal team on a daily basis. You must be very good at communicating in english, written as well as spoken. We have regular Skype meetings to discuss various topics and tasks at hand.

For our new senior-level full stack web developer, we have the following requirements:
• Must have extensive experience with and expert level qualifications in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and MySQL.
• Experience with and knowledge of:
o MediaWiki
o Laravel5 PHP framework
o Angular JS
o Dedicated Server Management & Administration
o Domain Management & Administration
o Email Management & Administration and overall technical wizard that can take care of all our technical requirements.
• Must be able to communicate at a high level in English both verbally and written.
• Must be able to work in a highly organized and structured way, and be capable of adapting quickly to new and sometimes urgent tasks.
• Must be able to understand and provide benefitial input to complex software scenarios and projects

What we have to offer

We offer lots of fun work in a very dynamic working environment where everybody’s opinion matters and where suggestions for better workflows and new ideas for improvements are highly appreciated. Our estimated monthly work expectation is set to 160 hours at 40 hours per week. Our expected payment is set to 10-15 Euro per hour depending on your level of experience.

You will also be able to work from the comfort of your home!

We see the initial flow of integrating our new LEADing Practice ApS employee as the following process:
1. Introduction to the system
We plan and conduct a Skype Meeting where we can meet up, and introduce each other to one another. Afterwards, you will be taken through an extensive introduction to our current status of our entire cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) product.

2. Getting into the system
You need to spend some time of your own (outside of working hours) to get into the system. We will help explain to you the basic architectures and components of the entire system.

3. Training in France
We invite you to join with our team at LEADing Practice ApS in France to start up the initial introduction phase. LEADing Practice ApS will conduct extensive training workshops as to prepare you for the upcoming project and its development tasks.

How we continue from here

Your response must be sent only to u f o ( a t ) l e a d i n g p r a c t I c e . c o m. Do not worry if you do not receive an immediate reply, we keep all contacts as confidential information, and those we find will have something of value to offer will be contacted in due time.

For practical reasons, we will only consider hiring developers from:
• Central or North America,
• Europe,
• Eastern Europe and the Baltics (preferred); and
• Russia.

We will not be hiring our new developer from:
• Pakistan,
• Bangladesh,
• India, or
• South East Asia

Due to time restrictions, applicants who do not follow these simple requirements will not receive an answer to their emails and/or other forms of correspondence.
If you want to learn more about LEADing Practice ApS, please visit www.leadingpractice.com for more information.

Yours sincerely,
Ulrik Foldager
Head of Software Development
LEADing Practice ApS

Компания: LEADing Practice ApS
Телефон: +4527417120
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