Вакансия: Junior PM

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• At least 2 year of experience in software project management
• Knowledge and experience in managing project in Agile environment
• Upper-intermediate/advanced English level (practical experience of written and oral communication with English-speaking client is strongly desired)
• People management skills
• Strong communication and leadership skills​
• Strong organizational skills

Be a plus
• Knowledge and experience in managing project in Agile environment
• Experience in project pre-sale
• Experience leading project with 5+ people
• Experience leading 2+ projects simultaneously

PM’s tasks include but are not limited to the following:
• Manage the software development process on the project
• Prioritize project tasks, distribution of the tasks among the team members, and monitoring of project progress
• Perform change management
• Perform risk management
• Manage project resources
• Review and check team time reports to ensure they are maintained according to company guidelines
• Provide status updates on the project progress all stakeholders
• Work with team: motivate, maintain team’s morale, resolve conflicts
• Initiate and approve required project-specific trainings for the project team members and other tasks
• Work with top management: constantly develop and improve project processes

Skills that would be developed:
Dev-Pro invests a lot of efforts into managers’ education and professional development.

Joining our management team means:

1) Free participation in conferences and trainings on Project Management organised by Dev-Pro with speakers from all over the world
2) Benefit from regular educational activities like PMP-based educational program we run now
3) Mentor or supervisor who’ll help you with your first steps in our company
4) Weekly company-wide Managers Meetings targeting knowledge and news sharing, constant improving of management processes
5) Regular meetings and direct cooperation with President and Top Management of our company
6) Half-annual 270 performance evaluation process with feedbacks from your colleagues, subordinates, manager and client
7) Company-wide resources for sharing PM expertise – PM portal, electronic library, templates and best practices
8) Boosting your effective communication skills

About the project
This product is a sales engagement online platform built for efficient and revenue-boosting sales. It provides sales teams with enhanced capabilities for communication, while it integrates also email tracking and sales calls in a single platform.

Thanks to its productivity, it can track all communication-related activities that have already been conducted. The sales engagement platform integrates email and phone to track all communication activities in one platform and use that engagement to trigger the next activity.

Users will be able to execute call lists automatically, making those sales calls more efficient and simple with less time and effort.

Our team is working on various projects within this product, i.e. Outlook and Gmail apps, Internal Administration tool.

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