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Вакансия: Middle JavaScript Developer

Днепропетровск, 17:24, четверг, 30.05.2019
Вакансия не актуальна
Опыт работы: 1 год
Образование: высшее
График работы: полный день

ISD Ltd. is Ukrainian Software Development Company, founded in 1993.
ISD Ltd. provides innovative and high quality software development solutions to our clients with substantial, hands on experience developing customized and integrated solutions for healthcare industry.
We are a team of 750 professionals. Our solutions used by 400+ clinics and medical laboratories in USA, Canada and worldwide.

• Higher Technical Education: Bachelor Degree or higher;
• 2+ years of experience developing and maintaining modular web applications;
• Fluency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
• Deep understanding of JS fundamentals (type system, scope, context, prototypes, async operations etc.);
• Deep understanding of DOM API key concepts;
• Strong knowledge of Angular JS (or any similar MV* JavaScript framework);
• Familiarity with distributed version control systems (Git and/or Hg) and their typical workflows;
• Familiarity with Grunt (or similar task runners) ecosystem;
• Experience with troubleshooting functionality/performance issues in different environments;
• Good command of the English language (Oral, Written).

• Familiarity with JS development for mobile platforms (PhoneGap etc.);
• Experience with server-side JavaScript (Node.js) and corresponding technologies;
• Experience with NoSQL DBMS (MongoDB, CouchDB);
• Experience with test automation tools;
• Knowledge of other web-oriented languages and ecosystems (LAMP stack);
• Experience with #C .NET;
• Good communication skills and use of industry terminology in English;
• Excellent problem-solving skills, initiative, and intellectual curiosity.

Phone: 056-756-93-10
Cell: +3-8-050-480-13-93
E-mail: knor@isd.dp.ua

Компания: ISD
Контактное лицо: Екатерина
Телефон: 0504801393
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Web: www.isd.dp.ua
Вакансии ISD (20)

Днепропетровск: Компьютерные технологии, IT | #2507473 Вакансии в Днепропетровске
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