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Вакансия: C++ Audio Software Engineer

Киев, 14:02, вторник, 28.08.2018
Вакансия не актуальна
Опыт работы: 5+ лет
Образование: высшее
График работы: полный день

Job description
Develop and support top of the line audio processing products which includes audio drivers, GUI applications, supporting utilities and more. These products are highly scalable, mission critical production applications. This job will require design, development, code writing, debugging and customer support.
- Android development.
- Supporting embedded for Windows RT
- Hosting audio processing algorithms for Intel, ARM etc.
- Writing end user GUI for the final products.
- Software integration with vendors OS on specific devices (usually phones and tablets).

Required qualifications

- Minimum 5 years of development experience.
- Android OS development in application layer.
- Fluent in C/C++ programming.
- Linux application level development including drivers, sockets, multithreading, dynamic link libraries.
- Experience with cross compilation.
- Understanding of basic TCP/IP network programming.
- Need to have clear and behind the scenes understanding of software development tools and technologies being used.
- GUI development.
- Excellent spoken and written English.
- Self-motivated independent learner.
- Recognized degree from a government recognized university.


- Android low level.
- Java development.
- Mobile phone development.
- ARM/x86 optimizations.
- Linux audio subsystems such as Alsa, Jack, GStreamer and Pulse Audio.

- 20 days paid vacation,
- 5 sick days and 30 days hospitalization,
- Weekends and all official holidays are non-working days.

For talented engineers we offer:

- Good remuneration (competitive with Moscow and SpB);
- Ability to improve your skills and get experience while working with the highly qualified world-level professionals;
- Excellent career growth opportunities;
- Interesting job for the Grammy award winner, well known pro audio company, the high-end technologies and amazing world of music and sounds;
- Ability to work in comfortable office downtown Kiev, Podol, close to metro.

Please send your CV marked "C++ Audio для Ольги" in the subject via e-mail resume@apeironhr.com.ua

Компания: Apeiron System
Контактное лицо: Апейрон
Телефон: 8068-117-98-14 или 227-44-63
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Web: www.apeironHR.com.ua
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