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Вакансия: Freelance writer

Киев, 16:27, вторник, 18.08.2015
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Опыт работы: 1 год
Образование: высшее

Freelancercareers, a well-established US based freelance company, is opening its doors to writers from Ukraine. We are looking for professional academic, technical and resume writers, who are interested in creative and well-paid work.

After years of successful cooperation with writers from all corners of the world, we have created the best on-line platform for freelance writers with 24/7 Support. We look forward to welcoming new members to our global team and invite specialists with different majors and educational backgrounds. We take care of all of the needs of the client so the freelancers can concentrate on the work at hand.

We offer high remuneration (paid in US currency), which is very competitive on the market. You are welcome to choose the projects you like to write and complete as many as you want to.

Required skills:

High education Diploma
Specialization at several academic fields of study
Outstanding English writing skills: clear writing, profound knowledge of grammar, punctuation, writing and citation styles
Ability to meet strict deadlines
Strong drive for quality and attention to details
Permanent Internet access
Proper research skills
Creative approach to the writing process
Freelance experience (plus)
Key responsibilities:

Creation of original custom writing in English based on specific instructions from the client (number of pages, number of sources, referencing style, assignment details)
We provide:

A well-paid home-based position
Constant flow of orders
Payment twice a month
Flexible time-table
Possibility to choose projects by yourself
Professional western-style management
Friendly working environment
Opportunities to develop your writing skills
Initial training and training materials
Support 24/7
Access to orders WITHOUT any membership fees To apply, register at our site http://www.freelancercareers.com/signup/

Компания: Freelancercareers
Контактное лицо: Anna Bright
Телефон: 093-738-05-05
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Web: www.freelancercareers.com/
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