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Вакансия: Junior CMS Developer

Харьков, 14:36, вторник, 23.05.2017

Опыт работы: 1 год
Образование: высшее
График работы: полный день

Project description:
Our main object is maintenance and support of various small and mid-sized CMS based projects. Primary technologies used are Magento and Drupal. We are looking for young and motivated CMS developer to fresh up our shared CMS team and to extend development capacity.

Role description:
You'll become a part of shared CMS team, where you will be able to participate in a variety of projects. Mostly we de support and maintance with a portion of development from scratch. Projects may vary from landing pages to the e-commerce solutions. Also, we do plenty pet projects based on CMS where you will be able to apply up-to-date industry standards to improve your skills every day.
As an additional benefit, most of our clients are based all over the USA and Western Europe so you'll have an opportunity not only in upgrading your technical skills, but improve your English level as well.

Required skills:
• At least 1 year of commercial experience
• Strong knowledge of PHP and MySQL
• Familiar with Git
• Practical experience with Magento, Drupal
• Intermediate English level

Desired skills:
• Experience with other CMS's would be a plus (WordPress, Joomla! etc)
• Experience in communication with a foreign clients will be a huge plus

Компания: Dev-Pro.net
Контактное лицо: Kseniya
Телефон: (057) 766 4305
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Web: dev-pro.net.ua
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