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Вакансия: Senior QA Automation

Харьков, 12:18, четверг, 12.07.2018

График работы: полный день

– 5+ years of test automation experience;
– Strong knowledge of OOP (understanding OOP in automation);
– Good knowledge of Python;
– Good REST API testing knowledge;
– Experience in developing automation testing framework from scratch;
– Strong knowledge of Selenium WebDriver;
– Good knowledge of automation testing principles;
– CI knowledge and experience (Jenkins is preferable);
– Strong knowledge of web-based application structure;
– Good theoretical knowledge of testing levels and types;
– Test design techniques strong knowledge;
– Deep understanding of SDLC (SCRUM, Kanban);
– Knowledge and experience in reviewing requirements;
– Problem-solving skills;
– Databases general knowledge (SQL);
– Experience in UI testing;
– Intermediate English (speak, read, write).

Be a plus
– Cloud knowledge – Azure;
– Experience with Docker.

– Together with the team of developers, be responsible for the project quality;
– Create automation testing framework from scratch for the project;
– Develop automation tests for API;
– Execute, maintain and update automation tests;
– Perform performance, load, API testing;
– Review and analyze tests execution results;
– Maintain all related tests documentation;
– Prepare testing data;
– Proactively obtain and clarify requirements as necessary;
– Communicate to the client.

About the project
We are offering a bright new project the goal of which is to create a platform where you can create and manage cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) applying comprehensive financial logic.

The client is a US based FinTech platform that combines security innovation, advantages of distributed ledgers, and patent pending liquidity algorithms to produce a new kind of financial instrument: a highly-liquid, dividend-yielding, investment-grade digital currency with the stability of bonds, transferability of Bitcoin, and exchangeability of dollars.

The main goal of the product is to provide its users a flexible financial instrument that would allow working with actual currencies as well as bonds (IOUs). Integration with Ripple system provides powerful possibilities to make money transfers between Payment Providers that could not be done directly. The upcoming release will introduce functionality for starting Initial Coin Offering campaigns which will be attractive for accredited investors.

Dev-Pro participates in both backend and frontend development. Frontend part is based on Angular 4.0, backend on ASP.NET Core so there are plenty of open opportunities and challenges to resolve and deal with. Sure, you will join the team of experts, so will be able to validate your ideas and to become a part of the collective mind.

Компания: Dev-Pro.net
Контактное лицо: Kseniya
Телефон: (057) 766 4305
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Web: dev-pro.net.ua
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