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Вакансия: Intermediate Project Manager

Харьков, 12:18, четверг, 12.07.2018

График работы: полный день

• At least 3+ years’ experience in software project management
• Knowledge and experience in managing project in Agile environment
• Upper-intermediate/advanced English level (practical experience of written and oral communication with English-speaking client is strongly desired)
• People management skills
• Strong communication and leadership skills​
• Strong organizational skills

Be a plus
• Experience leading project with 10+ people
• Experience leading 2+ projects simultaneously

PM’s tasks include but are not limited to the following:
• Manage the software development process on the project
• Ensure project delivery process and deliverables within time and scope constraints
• Prioritize project tasks, distribution of the tasks among the team members, and monitoring of project progress
• Perform change management
• Perform risk management
• Manage project resources
•​ ​Review and check team time reports to ensure they are maintained according to company guidelines
• Provide status updates on the project progress all stakeholders
• Work with team: motivate, maintain team’s morale, resolve conflicts
• Initiate and approve required project-specific trainings for the project team members and other tasks
• Work with top management: constantly develop and improve project processes

About the project
Working for a Point of Sale (POS) platform building company, we are looking to complement our team to work on project aimed for multiple restaurant business domains: Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) , Table Service Restaurants (TSR) and retail.

Our client is a product company and a major player in the POS domain, which has already released several POS-platforms, Back of House management systems, data management system and a set of web applications (designed to create corporative websites), widely used in the USA by quick service restaurants.

Our flagship product – the POS – is designed to work in “offline-first” mode (in case of network interruptions) to create orders and synchronize with the Cloud data storage and/or other systems, supports 3d party software and can be integrated with an extensive list of hardware devices.

The end market involves well over 100,000 onsite installations. The client already has great influence on QSR industry in the USA and actively conquers European market (Spain and Great Britain in perspective).

You will have the opportunity to gain rewarding experience and be a part of the team developing the next big thing in QSR industry.

Application suite includes:
• Cross Platform (Cordova/Electron, Angular4) POS app
• Back of House Solutions (NodeJS/Angular2/Angular4) (reporting, payroll calculations, schedules)
• Mobile Ordering (NodeJS/AWS Lambdas)
• Configuration (NodeJS/Angular4/AWS Lambdas)

Компания: Dev-Pro.net
Контактное лицо: Kseniya
Телефон: (057) 766 4305
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Web: dev-pro.net.ua
Вакансии Dev-Pro.net (39)

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